The Youth Adventure Challenge


The Outdoor Education Group presents the Youth Adventure Challenge, a unique outdoor team competition open exclusively for young people. Aimed at harnessing leadership, resilience and strategy skills and developing your ability to work together as a team.

The event is open to any school or community group. Teams comprise of four people, aged from 15 – 18 (year 9 to 12) and can be all girls, all boys or mixed.

This event is open to all, you don’t have to be super fit and serious, but definitely come with a sense of adventure and be ready to give anything a go.

The winning team will receive the magnificent Youth Adventure Race trophy to display for the year as well as amazing individual and team prizes from Mainpeak you will also automatically qualify to come back and defend your title in next year’s competition.

What to expect…

Prepare for an extended Rogaine; anticipate a series of challenges that will test stamina, strategy and team skills; expect a multi-sport race that will call for camaraderie, endurance and resilience.

– Join us at Camp Jungai in Victoria’s Rubicon Valley –

Four team mates. Three days.

One outstanding event.

This is an amazing event that I am glad to put my name to. The sense of competitive completion, the teamwork, the camaraderie, the fitness, and the use of so many skills under pressure: all these elements are thrown into a melting pot that is stirred for 3 days. Whether you take it very seriously, or whether you join in for the fun, this event will push your team hard and they will learn a great deal about themselves.


Pulteney has entered this competition for the last 4 years, and each time we have come away enthused – very tired, but enthused. In our first few years we have entered with various amounts of preparation under our belts. In these situations we knew we were unlikely to win, but still had a good go and loved the experience. There is an enormous amount of satisfaction and confidence gained from beating the challenge given, even if we didn’t always beat all the other teams.


In 2014 we had real go at winning, and trained very hard, to eventually come in 2nd. For the whole 3 days we were on a knife-edge of suspense as we went about our tasks with quiet confidence and determination. We were eventually beaten in the last event to a well-drilled team from Melbourne. As the event progressed you could almost see to bonds being developed between team members. They exhibited cooperative group dynamics of the highest order, and they could see that the more they helped each other, the more successful they would become.


I have yet to see one of our students (or accompanying staff and parents) come away without positive feelings about this event. The variety of tasks and opportunities is so wide that every participant has their chance to shine, and the glow on their faces lasts for weeks. That’s why Pulteney keeps going back for more.


Richard Drogemuller

Pulteney Grammar Venture Club Coordinator

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