Risk Resolve


Risk Resolve is a risk management consultancy service for schools and organisations throughout Australia who conduct off-site activities, camps and excursions.

Risk Resolve provides tailored risk and crisis management system development, scenario testing, external auditing and staff training.

Risk Resolve is led by Clare Dallat, who holds a Masters Degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. Clare has had a long association with risk management, both professionally and through her PhD research and is a regular presenter at forums both nationally and internationally.

To contact Clare please get in touch via email at:  riskresolve@oeg.edu.au


I have worked with Risk Resolve over the past two years and have always found them to be excellent in working through all things risk management. They have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism which is backed up with a broad breadth of technical expertise from a wide range of industries. Risk Resolve are also very adept at reading and understanding the culture of a workplace and creating risk management systems and processes that suit our organisation, its employees and its level of risk tolerance. This happens through a comprehensive mapping and systems analysis that is delivered in a way that is very supportive whilst also asking the ‘hard questions’ in order to create an effective and efficient risk management system. I would strongly recommend Risk Resolve to other organisations.

Simon Finnegan, Director of Outdoor Education, Melbourne Grammar School

For the past ten years Clare Dallat (and Risk Resolve) has remained as my first outside contact during a critical or catastrophic incident.   Having access to their experience, knowledge, wisdom and clarity is a source of great confidence for both myself and my team.   I know for a fact, that organizations around the world also gain confidence knowing Risk Resolve is there to call upon. Having known Clare Dallat for many years, I am in awe of the work that she has done, both as a thought leader in risk management, and as a practitioner. I am proud to name her, and Risk Resolve as a valued colleague and friend.

Preston B. Cline

Director, Wharton Leadership Ventures – McNulty Leadership Program

The Wharton School |University of Pennsylvania

We have worked with Clare from Risk Resolve twice over a four year period. She has brought a deep knowledge and understanding of the range of issues that schools face, both internally and externally, in managing risk while maintaining worthwhile programs for students. She took time to learn about the school and where it was at the time of the workshops and guided people in such a way that they felt that they learned from the event, but were not lectured to. Clare has been terrific in providing resources that have made our jobs easier. I would recommend her to any organisation looking to develop their policies and practices for improved staff and client safety.

David Dowie, Highview College, Maryborough, Victoria

We’ve worked with Clare and Risk Resolve for the last couple of years and she has been terrific in identifying our needs and assisting us to rectify them. We now feel significantly more confident in dealing with an emergency and minimizing the impact on our staff and organization.

Tony Kiers, Partnership Development Manager, SEDA

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