Our Benefits

We offer:

  • Competitive remuneration and flexible working conditions
  • Excellent professional development for field and administrative positions
  • A welcoming and active community

Professional Development

The Outdoor Education Group coordinates a structured and comprehensive professional development program that ensures our staff maintain and grow their skills and can progress within the organisation. All technical skills development is aligned to National accredited standards, and staff can attain internal skill sets through our formalised ‘recognition of current competency’ (RCC) process.The Outdoor Education Group remains an industry leader in staff support, ensuring that the schools and community groups we work with get the highest possible standard of staff on their programs, and that our staff feel supported and engaged in their work.

As a field staff team member in particular, both centre-based and journey-based, you will have ongoing opportunities enabling you to develop your educational, facilitation, and technical skills. We are able to offer you a progressive training plan that will enable you to take on a challenging and diverse range of programs in centre, bush, coastal, alpine, and desert environments.

Flexible Working Conditions

Salaried Benefits

  • Consistent income for each fortnight period of your agreement.
  • On a salaried contract with field load, you can accrue up to 16 weeks of leave per annum. This means you can plan your personal trips and be paid to take them.
  • Paid Personal Leave – This helps cover your salary when you are sick or need time off to care for a family member. Personal Leave accrues annually, and passes onto the next year.
  • Additional Paid Leave – Parental Leave, Bereavement Leave, Special Leave, and Volunteer Services Leave are all forms of paid leave available to assist with balancing work and life.
  • Annual Leave Loading on 4 weeks of Annual Leave.
  • Long Service Leave
  • Roster Priority – As a field role with a salaried position you have the ability to request specific programs, and you will receive preference over casual staff at the same qualification level.
  • Staff Development – rostering on Staff Development programs are offered to salaried staff as a priority.
  • Reimbursements for external training are only offered to salaried positions.
  • Full OEG uniform allocation.
  • Access to paid Professional Development days.
  • Annual Performance Appraisal and a personalised Professional Development Plan that supports your career development.
  • Access to one on one mentoring.
  • Salary Packaging and Sacrificing options.

Specified Term Benefits

  • Basic uniform (dependent on number of rostered days).
  • Guaranteed number of days of work as defined in your agreement.
  • Industry competitive daily rate with a casual loading.

Casual Benefits

  • Industry competitive daily rate with a casual loading.