Book Stack

The Outdoor Education Group is committed to helping people grow and to increasing community awareness of the benefits of participation in outdoor activities. We hope that the resources found here will be useful to industry members, educators, parents and any other interested parties.

If you have any research or articles you wish to share please Contact Us. The Outdoor Education Group aims to promote:

  • Public relations resulting in community recognition and understanding of the benefits of getting people outside.
  • A focus on quality, resulting in more positive experiences.
  • Investment in staff, resulting in more positive experiences and the skills to grow the industry.
  • Increased level of funding, resulting in increased access to experiences.
  • Stakeholder relations, resulting in a unified guideline for schools, clubs, organisations and general public users. Creative solutions to hurdles such as seasonality.
  • An increased understanding of the role of risk in the development of sound educational outcomes.
  • Access to and understanding of ‘country’ resulting in better alignment of place to program.