Journey Based Programs

Journey based programs range from base camp supported short overnight trips right through to fully independent week long or multi-week expeditions. Journeys can be supported (e.g. cycle touring with vehicles carrying gear and provisions) or fully independent, where participants carry all their gear and food for the duration of the program (such as bushwalking in the Australian Alpine areas).

All programs enjoy full administrative ‘in school’ support from members of our senior staff team which includes program and curriculum development, student, staff and parent briefings and overview of risk management protocols. Programs in the field are underpinned by dedicated behind the scenes communications and logistic systems that ensure that students and staff are able to focus exclusively on the task at hand. Our senior staff teams also conduct post program reviews aimed at identifying any areas for future development or improvement.

Journey based programs can comprise one of, or a combination of, activities such as rafting, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, etc., with all specialist equipment and catering provided.